Study Material

Study material in Self Learning format is one of the best features of Shivmudra University. It is developed and designed with user-friendly style of writing and content is divided in units and short modules, which are easy to manage.

With the help of various tools like Caution, Notes, Tasks, Did you know?, Pictures, Graphics, Exercises, Case Studies, Examples etc., students find it easy to learn on their own.

Self Assessment Questions and Review Questions enable the students to gauge their learning on the topics covered in the unit and to keep them active throughout the learning process.

Other features like Summary, Keywords, Glossary and Further Reading make the study material comprehensive and stimulate the students enabling them to understand better.

Apart from Study Material in Self Learning Format, eBooks may be provided to students. eBooks enable web-based study, which permit the students to take their class-rooms wherever they want to. eBooks are preferred by students who prefer studying on their Computers, rather than from printed material.